The people who are living in metropolitan cities, having a balcony in your house is a must. It is a place where you can spend your time alone with fresh air or can chill with your family can friends. There is nothing more satisfying than having a balcony in your home, especially in times like this where the whole nation is on quarantine in their homes. Though designing a balcony is a matter of catering to your own personal taste but we are sharing some of the ideas.

Below are some of the tips for the design and suggestions for a balcony decorated with plants and beautiful designs:

  • Bring in some nature – Green leafy plants can transform a home’s atmosphere by improving health and spreading a general feeling of wellbeing. Adding these beautiful plants brings in fresh oxygen and filtered air. You can also grow flowering climbers on your railings if your balcony has a limited space of 1 or 2 people to stand.
  • Invite some art – Use some artwork to make it more attractive. You can also use some cartoon artwork in the balcony attached to your kid’s room.
  • Folding furniture for a small balcony – If your balcony is small but you want to make it comfortable to sit and enjoy your evening, having a folded furniture is a great idea. The shape, style and, material of the furniture plays an important role in the overall design.
  • Borders at the balcony – A transparent railing generally made up of glass allows you to look outside while sitting, which is important for the people living on high floors, since there might not be much to see at eye level. On lower floors, opaque railings provide you privacy from neighbors, while still providing the owner with a view.

With these tips and ideas in-hand, you can feel confident to start your balcony design. The team of LA Interiors designs an extremely appealing balcony that creates a striking visual surrounding.