Small spaces can feel like an impossible puzzle but it can be incredibly rewarding if you get the right design in the right way. It demands clever ideas and careful thoughts.

In this blog, we’ve gathered our favorite ideas for decorating small spaces to make it attractive and eye-catchy. These tips will help you make your home spacious and stylish:

  • Maximize Vertical Space: Most of the people fill floor space with a lot of furniture which makes space congested. Try taking advantage of vertical spaces, you can cleverly use those space to maximize useable items.
  • Use the Illusion of Lighting: Try using some artificial colorful lighting to brighten up your home. So the key idea is to make them draw the eyes upward. When the eye is told to look up, as opposed to horizontally, rooms appear more spacious.
  • Go green: Add indoor plants in your living room and balcony. It makes your home feel less stuffy and more open due to the proper placement of colorful plants.
  • Avoid Clutter: One of the serious problems in small spaces is clutter, it shrinks the size of the room which leads to difficulty in relaxing and enjoying living there. Try making each and every room more functional, the clutter has to go.
  • Go for Folding Items: Do you need each and every item of your home 24-7? The answer is NO. So, why not we should consider installing furniture that can be folded up when we have no use of it. Isn’t it a great idea? You will free up with a lot of floor space now.

These are a lot more ways in which you can utilize your space better. When it comes to redecorating/remodeling your home without burning through your budget, you can rely on many interior decorators in Delhi NCR.

LA Interiors strives to transform your small spaces based on its function, without any compromise on the aesthetic elements.