Ask any interior designer about using plants, they will always say “Yes”. The question is not about using any plant or not, the question is about using it in the correct manner. For a second forget about any design or decoration, even your psychologist will tell you to include plants in your home décor to add a positive vibe. The plants will keep you fresh, stay focused, productive and, positive.

Do you also want to add some life to your home, but are confused about where to start? In this blog, we will discuss some tips and tricks for how to decorate your interior space with greenery. Let’s discover why everyone who loves new interior décor is so obsessed with greenery:

  • Choose plants that are suitable for your space: Before you go to your local nursery to purchase any plant, do research about what type of plant you want. Don’t forget to keep the important factors in mind like the amount of sunlight required, space to grow that plant and the level of maintenance it wants.
  • Display your plants correctly: The most comment and trendy design are to put a potted plant in any corner of the space. There are millions of creative displays available like refreshing wall planters, luscious hanging baskets, and many more.
  • Use plants that enhance your color used in the interior: Always try to choose plants that act as a bold accent or subtle extension of the colors in your home.

If your home is not good for plants or you are not blessed with a great thumb, there is always a second option. Using artificial plants is also trending. Know your design feature and evoke a similar feeling to live plants. Or you can also use floral elements and green plants as your wallpaper.

You must now want to decorate your interior with some indoor gardening. Browse our residential section for some amazing interior decoration project samples.