The first question which arises is What is Collaborative Workplace?

Collaborative work-spaces are office area in which employees of various companies work under one cover.

As per modern office designs trend, building open collaborative work space makes the employees feel inclusive and increases interaction among people. Nowadays employees use laptops with wireless internet and several other technologies, so they are not tied to their particular desk. They can move around and grasp their knowledge with fellow colleagues.

Make office design decisions that reflect your priorities and company values:

Creating​ ​a more​ ​collaborative​ ​workplace ​is all ​about​ ​tearing​ ​down​ ​walls​ and mindset. Various researchers identified several planning considerations. Each calls for different space considerations and new best practices to successfully engage their employees in working together. Here are some of the tips to help You plan and design for collaboration:

Sharing tacit knowledge in real time-

  • Encourage dynamic exchanges by providing visual tools so that employees can share and build various ideas
  • Density – Creating an energetic buzz

Leverage the natural energy caused by density of people out there-

  • Consider multiple uses of work space.
  • Provide visual connections so employees can mentor and be mentored. They can share their knowledge during daily flow of the day

Leveraging informal networks-

  • You can use food as an attractor for bringing people together.
  • Provide them a kind of support of shared spaces and work behaviors.
  • Assign an “owner” who can look over the area and cultural changes.
  • Provide open settings area where employees from different companies can work while making themselves accessible to others to engage with them.

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