One of the happiness of working from home is rolling out from your bed and walking to your workplace without so much of changing your clothes and getting rid of the office. Now the question is what are the downsides of working from home?

If your home workplace is ugly and small, you will definitely not get good vibes to work as a result it will affect your productivity. You will probably want to make an eye-catchy but cost-effective workstation. The good news is you already have everything you need, as long as you get creative.

We’ve looked for some of the challenges you may encounter when setting up your home workplace and present you some simple solutions to get rid of it:

  • CHALLENGE 1: Lack of Space- Making a home workplace is a huge challenge for the people who live in a small house. Luckily, now that most of us need little more than a laptop-sized desk surface, creating a workspace doesn’t require a whole lot of space or the whole room. Measure the width of the space required, then move around your home to find the perfect space of similar size. This could become the perfect spot for a small, discreet home office.
  • CHALLENGE 2: Lack of Privacy- This problem usually occurs if you live with your family or the famously productivity-barrier housemates commonly known as Children. You run here and there to find peace, calm and, concentration. if you are unable to make separate office space, try improvising with room dividers like shelves, potted plants, or a translucent folding screen.
  • Challenge 3: Lack of Light- If you are willing to make your workplace in the unused corner, you should keep in mind that they are probably the darkest one. You can brighten your workspace by painting the walls with light shade, or by hanging a mirror to the nearest window in a position where it reflects natural light. In simple words, you should make sure you have maximum light sources.

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