Autumn brings festive vibes and happiness to Indian culture, one among them is Diwali. Home decoration and cleaning are an important part of the Diwali celebration. This festival is all about making your home beautiful and attractive.

Let’s do that with LA Interiors – decorate our homes and welcome this festival season with a bang and excitement, try any of the following:

  • Put wallpaper or paint the house – Bring the festive vibes to your home by painting it or putting some colorful wallpapers. Try to choose a bright color because it adds cheer and freshness to the home. Painting the house always brings newness we all crave during the festival season. You can also shop for metallic, embossed, flock, moire, or satin.
  • Redecorate your puja room – One of the most important parts of renovating is the puja room where we start our celebration. Still, have those old wooden works with marble or glass worked? Replace it now with bright lights, something in red, orange, or green hues. If your budget allows, then buy some new idols on Dhanteras if budget allows.
  • Change your furniture – Make it festive, enrich the experience of your living room by changing the old furniture. You can use your old clothes like a silk saree and hire a neighborhood tailor to make cushion covers out of them. It’s a budget-friendly way to change the vibes of the living room and home.
  • Change bedroom theme – The most refreshing thing you can do during Diwali is change your bedroom theme. Buy some matching bedside lamps, painting, and vases. Try to change the traditional look into a new one.

We at LA Interiors hope all these decor ideas must have inspired some innovative options for you to consider this Diwali. Well, if you have the time and the resources, you can do it yourself or can call an Interior Designer to help you renovate your Home Interiors.