Floor is the base and major factor for any home. Choosing which tile should we use can be tough task, while installing it is also a time consuming process. Tiles play an important role while designing a interior, setting the look and feel of the house. Tiles are used to create the desired ambience

The question is how to make this process easy? Know the difference between the two… There are various types of tiles with different benefits such as ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles and vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles are almost similar to ceramic tiles on the other hand Porcelain tiles are more durable and usually more expensive than ceramic tiles. Consulting an interior designer can be very useful as they can provide good advice on making the correct selection.

Below are some of the major factor to know more about these tiles:

  • Variety and finishes: Polished marble of good quality is generally used to achieve a glossy finish while honed and sand marble can be used for matte, rustic textures on the other hand vitrified tiles are available in glossy, matte and anti-skid finishes which is suitable for both interior as well as exterior designing.
  • Value: Marble flooring is said to be the symbol of luxury homes. It adds natural look in the interior. It’s each piece is unique in its own way. On the other hand, vitrified tiles are available with a lot of eye-catching colors and has over all esthetic value.
  • Maintenance: Marbles are high maintenance and reacts very easily with most substances such as dilute acid. While, Vitrified tiles and easy to maintain and are relatively easy to clean.

Now you might have a brief idea about the difference, now give your floors the treatment that complements the rest of your house. Both marbles and tiles are good in its own way, both can be used to get impressive floors. You just need to choose wisely and maintain them wisely with all your love & care.

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