For one of the best interior decorators in Delhi NCR, the “open ceiling” or “open plenum” is trendy in the office environment in today’s world. The main importance of these types of ceiling is that it increases the height of the room, making the room feel more spacious and open which gives a huge advantage in creating positive vibes in the office.

Apart from having several advantages, there can be various problems along with it if it is not planned in the right way. Messy looks, shoddy acoustics, or increased prices due to some electrical, mechanical, or plumbing issues are some examples of it. Let us know some of having Pros and Cons of Open Ceiling Design:

Pros of having Open Ceiling Design:

  • Better lighting: If the ceiling is high it will lead to better light distribution in every corner of the office.
  • More Space: If you want your office to look bigger, then an open ceiling can help you do just that. Although some of the offices like to utilize the ultra-vertical space for storage purposes which is also a great idea.
  • Eye-Catchy: Your office can look very sleek, modern, and just plain cool by adopting open ceiling designs. It always gives modern vibes. Nowadays many business leaders complement exposed ceilings designs.

Open Ceiling Design Cons:

  • Cooling Costs: Open ceiling can lead to high heating which can lead to high utility bills to keep the space cool.
  • Need for immediate maintenance: Since these types of the ceiling have no cover on it, the company owner will have to fix any maintenance issues on their ceilings from time to time.
  • Lack of sound control: High, open ceilings absorb the sounds and this is one of the worst things about having it. It can create various annoying echoes in a work environment which can lead to irritation. To avoid these sounds you will need to do a spray acoustical treatment, acoustic ceiling baffles, or clouds.

The open ceiling is a modern idea and looks good, but it’s not always an economical choice. Before deciding whether to choose an open ceiling, you should consider the above-mentioned pros and cons & find the best solution that suits your budget. You can also take a brief idea about it by contacting interior decorators in Delhi NCR.