Over the course of earth’s history, Art & Design has changed drastically. The origin of the design is from nature. It is true that natural creativity and originality will always have a special place in our hearts.

But there are some basic interior design principles that should be kept in mind which will be appealing to all senses. Let’s go to learn some base and foundation of interior design you should be aware of:

  • Unity – Unity, continuity, and harmony are three important elements to link all interior design spaces. Putting a different design in different parts of the home can give a bad vibe and will not seem engaging as you travel from one room to other. Using similar design stuff to unify your decorating scheme can prove to be more engaging and attractive.
  • Balance – There are three types of balance that should be kept in mind while decorating each one of them. Let’s get detailed information about these balances.
    • Symmetrical Balance – You can create symmetrical balance by placing one large object in the center and then placing matching objects on either side of the mirror.
    • Asymmetrical Balance – In Asymmetrical Balance, Instead of using candlesticks you can substitute dissimilar objects with similar dimensions to maintain a distribution of visual weight
    • Radial balance: The best example of radial balance can be seen in the Dining room. The placement of chairs and other furniture in the dining room is based on the center table as a focal point.
  • Contrast – Contrast in a room can be referred to as color. A little contrast can stay for a longer period of time. Most people love Black & White because it makes the best contrast.
  • Scale and Proportion – Have you ever seen a large room with less furniture or a small room with a large number of furniture? If Yes, then you perfectly understand the importance of scale and proportion. Scale basically shows the size of an object within a space. On the other hand, Proportion reflects the size of one object to another. So, try using the right amount of scale & proportion in every part of your design space.

These important elements of interior design can help you create your space in the right way. Be sure to apply them. If you still have any confusion, you can Contact LA Interiors anytime with your doubts.