While designing the interior of a home, finding the perfect spot for your Puja room is a very challenging task. It is a divine space that radiates positivity to us every day. And it happens to be an important part of interior design in India.

It is often seen that people give that traditional design to their Pooja room while there are many innovative design ideas available in today’s market which will keep your place sacred as well as modern.

In this blog, we will discuss simple and amazing tricks to have an elegant and classy looking Pooja room:

  • Marble Puja room design – If you can make a separate space for your Pooja room in your big home. Then having a marble Pooja room is the best option. Although it is a little expensive and requires regular maintenance, it is also long-lasting and you do not have to worry about termites. Your room will look attractive and elegant, it is also used for small homes nowadays.
  • Grid Partitions in apartments – We often wonder how we will manage to get a beautiful Pooja room if we are living in a small apartment. You can make it in your living or bedroom after installing grid partitions for much-needed privacy. Moreover, the various decor element elevates the lighting in the room and sets the right tone for the puja room while keeping it sacred.
  • Wooden readymade Temple – Wooden temple is very trendy and can go well with any types of homes. It adds grandness to space but needs proper care and maintenance. Also, you have to be cautious while lighting candles and diyas in the room. Apart from this, it will add versatility and warmth to the room.

How to decorate your puja room?

  1. Use bright-colored paints
  2. Choose an attractive door design
  3. Make the entrance welcoming
  4. Add colorful lights

Pooja room is a small but very important space in any home which requires proper attention of the residents and designers.

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