Designing a small bedroom can be overwhelming and downright frustrating.  But in this blog you will learn that it should not be. Check out the tips and tricks which works the best.

1. Neutrals Done Right: Do you think neutral bedrooms is always boring? When the palette is quiet, smart use of subtle pattern adds interest without overwhelming the small space. A folded throw blanket in a small area adds extra oomph to the foot of the bed.

2. Match Furniture and Wall Color: It is always said that furniture in small bedroom makes it congested. But there is always an exception. The secret is in plain simple line that the color of furniture, bed should be matching the walls to eliminate contrast.

3. Wow with Bedroom Wallpaper: Even if your bedroom is small you can still have a wow look by inducing accent wall, as proven by various interior designers. Bold & attractive wallpaper has a place even in the tiniest rooms. Just stick with one wall—preferably the one at the head of your bed—and keep the rest of the room constant in terms of color and pattern.

4. New Traditional is new trend: A few shots of color, style, furniture, interesting artwork, and accessories give your bedroom classic look fresh sensibilities. Also, putting a large mirror against the wall is a great way to add visual size to a small room.

Have you made any updates to your master bedroom lately? We’d love to help you out.